12 Best Wineries In San Diego, CA (with Photos & Free Map)

Indeed, at least one point in their life, people who are into wine would want to experience going to some wineries and see how wines they love to drink the most are processed. So whenever you are around San Diego, CA, do not miss the chance to visit at least one of these 12 Best Wineries in San Diego, CA.

What is a winery?

Before we talk about the 13 Best Wineries, you can find them in San Diego, California. Let us first identify what a winery is. A winery is a place or an establishment where wine is processed; most often, it is where the wine grapes are planted and grown. Some wineries are open to the public, and some are not.

Now that we know what a winery is let us talk about these wineries you can visit in San Diego and have an exciting and fun experience.

Bernardo Winery

$$ | (858) 487-1866 | WEBSITE


Bernardo Winery has been in the industry since 1889. Thus, they have already proven their worth to loyal and frequent visitors and continue attracting more. What makes them unique among others is that they produce different kinds of wine using wine grapes that are locally sourced, such as Chardonnay, Petite Sirah, Sangiovese, Syrah, Viognier, and Zinfandel.

They strictly do not advise bringing your pets together with you when you visit the winery not unless they are trained service dogs for people with disability. Moreover, Bernardo Winery is pretty strict regarding their cancellation and reservation process.

They have three options for the activity of your choice, such as visiting the tasting room, which is the only activity that does not require a reservation. Another two activities you can opt to try are Sunday brunch at the kitchen patio and eating at the kitchen restaurant.

Make sure to visit their website for more information about their visitors’ policy, events, village shops, wine, and food selection, and some frequently asked winery questions.


Blue Door Urban Winery

$$ | (858) 274-4292 | WEBSITE


Blue Door Urban Winery has two locations, one in San Diego and the other in Julian. They are quite different from the rest because the Blue Door Urban Winery follows a very straightforward approach when it comes to winemaking. They are very detailed yet natural and simple.

The entire production facility of this winery is open to the public, so whenever you have the chance to visit them, you will have the opportunity to either watch or even help them during the entire winemaking process. Isn’t it a fun and exciting activity with your friends and family?

You do not only get to experience it first hand, but you will also have the chance to make one at home since you had the opportunity to learn the process. Their bar hours vary every day, so make sure to check out their schedule before visiting them.


Charlie & Echo

$$ | (877) 592-9095 | WEBSITE


Most of the local wineries you can find in San Diego, California, produce crafted wine that is natural from their local vineyards, and one of them is the Charlie & Echo.

Though Charlie & Echo isn’t as big as the others, the most unique and favorable to support this winery is that they are sustainable and try to lessen their carbon footprints to help the environment.

Moreover, they also share a portion of their sales with the environment. You can also have a wine-tasting experience in this winery and purchase whichever you want. You can also check out their upcoming events and club membership website.


San Pasqual Winery | Seaport Village

$$ | (619) 544-9463 | WEBSITE

San Pasqual Winery is similar to some wineries in San Diego. They are a bit small and family-owned, trying to make it big in the industry. Though, it has been in the industry since 1970.

Thus, they have already proven their worth and competency in the winery field. Therefore, they deserve the spot they have earned as one of the “Hot 100 West Coast Trends” featured in Sunset Magazine.

Moreover, it is considered the first ever urban winery in San Diego. Furthermore, this winery has expanded into four locations, and their wine grapes are planted, grown, and even handcrafted in many small lot areas.

An exciting part of their wine tasting rooms is that they sometimes have live music. Check out their website to learn more about the various types of wines they produce in their winery and their club membership.


Koi Zen Cellars

$$ | (858) 381-2675 | WEBSITE


Koi Zen Cellars is the best winery for you to visit if you are looking for a winery that offers winemaking classes. You do not only get to learn something new, but you also enjoy the things you do.

However, there are only limited slots every time they open classes, so make sure that you check their website from time to time for updates. The key to their success in this industry is sourcing the finest and best quality fruits to produce wine. You can also join their membership, so you will be prioritized for most of their services, events, wine deliveries, and such.


Gianni Buonomo Vintners

$$ | (619) 991-9911 | WEBSITE

Gianni Buonomo Vintners is a winery that is one of a kind because they do not cater to and serve mainstream wines. They ensure that the wines they offer are rare and underrated but have a taste you will never forget. This winery is best for adventurous people who are always fond of exciting moments.

Moreover, you can also utilize your visit by trying to taste the various kinds of wine they offer in their wine tasting room, which is usually open every Wednesday until Saturday. Make sure to join their different wine clubs through the Fedora family to ensure your exclusive access to most of their events and a VIP kind of pass to select your preferred wines.


Négociant Winery

$$$ | (619) 535-1747 | WEBSITE


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It has not yet been long since Négociant Winery was founded. They started storming the winemaking industry around 2015 and are well known for sourcing the finest grapes and unfinished wines through small vineyards. With this, they can create flavorful crafted wines.

You can order their crafted wines through their website, whether in California or outside. You can also join their wine clubs by signing up with their membership and enjoy freebies and royalties as a member. Moreover, watch out for their upcoming events, such as Live Jazz. You can check their website to stay updated.


Malk Family Vineyards

$$$$ | (858) 795-0699 | WEBSITE


Malk Family Vineyards is a small winery that produces limited single and handcrafted wines while ensuring they are of excellent quality. The winemaking and wine farming tradition runs in their blood through their ancestors. The family has been crafting wines for almost a century.

Since they have limited handcrafted wines, make sure that you sign up for their club memberships. You can choose among three clubs they have – All Wine Club, One Case Club, and Six Bottle Club. Being a member allows you to dibs on their limited handcrafted wines and enjoy other royalties.


LJ Crafted Wines – Wines & Tastings

$$ | (858) 551-8890 | WEBSITE


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LJ Crafted Wines is one of the wineries that environmentally-aware people should support. This is simply because this winery tries to help as much as possible in reducing the carbon footprint by supporting a zero-waste business lifestyle. In this regard, they make sure to utilize reusable bottles.

With this, they have been chosen by the Environmental Services Department in the City of San Diego for their Waste Reduction Outstanding Program in the year 2019. When you visit LJ Crafted Wines, you will learn about the winemaking process firsthand and have some wine tasting. Moreover, you can sign up for their club membership to enjoy their royalties.


Quigley Fine Wines

$$$ | (619) 795-7043 | WEBSITE

Quigley Fine Wines has a great team that has been exposed to the wine industry for quite a long time. Thus, they are equipped to produce the finest wines you will love with every sip.

They have a wide variety of wines, such as Australian Wines, Domestic Wines, French Wines, Italian Wines, New Zealand Wines, and Spanish Wines. Moreover, they offer wine tasting by booking a schedule to visit their tasting room. Join their wine club membership and enjoy many perks and royalties.


Pali Wine Co.

$$ | (619) 569-1300 | WEBSITE


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Pali Wine Co. has been in the wine industry since 2005 and has three established brands: the Pali Wine Co. itself, Tower 15 Winery, and Neighborhood Winery. Each brand has its specialization and unique taste.

Moreover, they have expanded to many more locations besides their branch in San Diego. You can join their club by signing up for membership to enjoy some perks and royalties, as well as dibs on the newly released wines.


Village Vino

$$ | (619) 546-8466 | WEBSITE


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Village Vino makes sure that they only produce the finest quality wines. They offer a variety of wines. However, sometimes, it is limited to a few pieces only. That is why they highly recommend that you get to visit their wineries and check their inventories firsthand.

You could get to learn about the winemaking process by visiting their wineries, but you also have the opportunity to taste and dib on the available wines. Just like any other wineries, they, too, have wine clubs.

The three types of clubs where you can choose what club you want to join include Collectors Club, Surveyors Club, and Explorers Club. Make sure to check their website if you want to know more about their club membership.



Make sure to drop by at least one of the 12 Best Wineries in San Diego, CA. These wineries are indeed a haven for people who love to drink wine because you don’t only get to enjoy your favorite alcoholic drink, but you also know how it has been made.

And that helps you appreciate it more, making it more special every time you take a sip.

Best Wineries In San Diego

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