12 Best Wineries in Indiana to Visit (with Photos & Maps)

A farmer’s paradise: miles of open land with rich loam soil, humid and subtropical climate— that’s Indiana. It is the tenth largest state in the United States, with the best soil and weather conditions for farming.

Indiana is the perfect place for viticulture; it produces more than a million gallons of wine annually. There’s no doubt it is the home to two American Viticultural areas; Indiana Uplands AVA is the home to the renowned Oliver Winery. The first successful commercial winery in the United States was founded in the early 1800s.

Explore the deeper roots of the wine industry by visiting the best wineries in Indiana.

Wildcat Creek Winery

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An award-winning winery opens wine tasting to the public. Wildcat Creek Winery allows its guests to try up to six varieties of wine samples of their choice. If you like some of the samples you tasted, bottles are available for purchase.

What makes your visit to Wildcat Creek Winery is their Hoosier hospitality and the things they offer to immerse you in their wine selection.

You can have a relaxing outdoor picnic in their garden or under their pergola shades. There are also planned events by the winery; you can check their calendars to know any exciting happenings at the winery.

If you are mesmerized by the beauty of their garden spaces or sunroom, they can host a private gathering. Schedule your planned event ahead of time.


Carpenter Creek Cellars

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A restored 1919 barn is now the place of one of the best wineries in Indiana. Carpenter Creek Cellars offer free wine tasting daily throughout the year.

You can try samples alone or with a group of friends, but if you have a company of 8 or more, the winery requests the guest to call for a reservation. This ensures that they can serve you during your visit.

Besides the wine tasting, Carpenter Creek Cellars hosts private events and free concerts. What’s more exciting than having a band serenading you while sipping fine wine?

Check out the event calendars of Carpenter Creek Cellars to know their happenings. Meanwhile, you have to book an appointment for your planned special occasion.


Oliver Winery

$$$ | (812) 876-5800 | WEBSITE

There is no doubt Oliver Winery belongs among the best wineries in Indiana; it has been serving its finest wines to the public since 1971. People around the globe visit Oliver Winery for its guided wine tastings, full production tour of its wide selection of fine wines, and reserved picnic packages.

You can make your visit to Oliver Winery a relaxing day out with friends or family, or you like it to be a learning experience on winemaking processes.

Oliver Winery offers a club membership for its customers; members receive exclusive events and discount prices. Now, you can fill your wine rack with your favorite wines. If you cannot visit Indiana, you can find their wine selection in over 40 states. You can check their product locator on their website.


Lanthier Winery & Distillery

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A glimpse of the Lanthier Winery gives you the vibe of European classics. It is the oldest winery in Indiana that you can find in a restored 18th Century home. The Lanthier Winery serves award-winning handcrafted wines to its guests.

You can visit Lanthier Winery and enjoy a wine tasting for free. The wine samples are of your choice among their 15 classic wines. However, you have to mark your calendar when planning to visit Lanthier. They only offer wine tasting from Wednesdays through Sundays.

Besides wine tasting, Lanthier Winery has an art gallery exhibit at their Loft Gallery and hosts garden events throughout the year. Do not miss out on their events calendar!


Manic Meadery

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Manic Meadery is a newly bud winery in Indiana, but it does not mean it falls short of being one of the best. Since 2017, the winery annually releases over 75 wines and continues to discover more flavors. Some of their classic fine wine that you must try are Blueberry Raspberry Scone and Coco Pomelo.

Join their wine tasting on Thursdays through Sundays and discover the taste that suits your palate.


At the Barn Winery

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The owners, Don and Deb, believe that wine is more than just a craft; it connects people. That’s why they produce handcrafted wines in small batches to ensure quality. Enjoy an afternoon at their refurbished barn from the 1870s. It is the perfect place to relax with a glass of sweet wine.

If you plan to spend the afternoon for a picnic at the winery, they encourage you to bring snacks or order at the Logan Supermart across them. The supermarket across has an incredible menu selection that you do not have to worry about if you have not brought any snacks.

You can also attend wine crafting workshops and live performances at the Barn Winery.


Mallow Run Winery

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The Mallow Run Winery is named in honor of the Mallow family and the Mallow Run stream. The stream helps cultivate a 12-acre vineyard of French and American hybrid grape varietals.

Do not miss out on the best wines from their selection: Vignoles, Catawba, Chardonel, and Gewürztraminer. You can visit them for wine tasting any time during the day. If you are curious about their wine processing, you can make an appointment for free tours.


Blackhawk Winery and Vineyard

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A 5-acre farm field for soybean crop production has become a winery for unique wine varietals. The wine selection from Blackhawk Winery is crafted from Midwestern-grown grape hybrid varietals, making it unusual for the palate of wine enthusiasts.

Try their famous wine varieties: Cayuga White, Marquette, and Maréchal Foch. If you are a fan of fruit wines, you can also have a sample of them. Visit Blackhawk Winery and Vineyard during the weekends to jam with their music on the patio.


Buck Creek Winery

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There is no doubt why Buck Creek Winery is one of the premiere wineries in Indiana when it has more than 100 medals and awards from the Indy International Wine Competition.

Buck Creek Winery offers several amenities for its guests. You can enjoy the wine tasting opportunities they offer daily. If you want to visit Buck Creek Winery during summer or spring, they have national touring acts or live music performances at their outdoor pavilion.


Country Heritage Winery

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Another most-awarded winery in Indiana is Country Heritage Winery. Among their 24 regionally-recognized wines, Traminette was chosen as one of the best varietals in the state in 2012. You probably want to taste their crafted wines, and they offer two complimentary daily tastings and free winery tours led by their experts.


Simmons Winery / 450 North Brewing Co.

$$ | (812) 546-0091 | WEBSITE

You can find the premiere winery housed in a century-old farmhouse. Simmons Winery focuses on grape varietals; they mead Chambourcin, Chardonel, and Vidal Blanc. Dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet wines are open for wine tasting. Book an appointment if you visit in groups.

Besides the wine tasting event, Simmons Winery offers draft beers, lunch, and dinner for their guests to enjoy at their outdoor patio seating. Their brick-oven pizzas are a must-try!


Huber’s Orchard, Winery, and Vineyards

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The largest producer of wine grapes in Indiana is Huber’s Orchard. Its 550-acre rich loam soil houses 18 grape varieties that produce more than 400,000 pounds annually. Besides their classic wines, Huber’s Orchard houses the first distillery in the state; they make both wines and brandies.

There is a restored 1938 barn facing their underground wine cellar; you can have your wine tasting or enjoy its aesthetics there. Huber’s Orchard offers more than just wine tasting. Children can enjoy their farm park and ice cream factory.

Exploring the wine trail must have been heaven for your palate. But, don’t stop there. There are a lot of restaurants and attractions near the best wineries in Indiana that you should discover.


Plan Your Visit to the Best Wineries in Indiana

Whether you are from Indiana or not, these are one of the best wineries in Indiana that you should visit. Start planning your next trip and book a schedule for your winery visits. You may also look for guided tours or other local experiences to add more unforgettable experiences during your visit to Indiana.

Best Wineries in Indiana

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