12 Best Wineries in Eugene, OR (Photos and Maps)

Are you planning a wine-tasting tour in the northwestern part of the United States? If that’s the case, you might want to include Eugene, Oregon, as one of your stops! It may not look like it, but Eugene is an ideal spot for wine lovers. Now, if you don’t believe us, the 12 best wineries in Eugene, OR, can show you just that.

With that, let’s start this tour right now!

Oregon Wine LAB

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They do not have their own grapes, but their wines use the best ones in the country. Aside from their own (William Rose Wines), they also have wines from other local wineries. With that, it is the winery to consider if you can only make one stop.

Truly, Oregon Wine LAB is a wine lover’s paradise. It is not only a place to visit for the Oregonian wine-tasting experience. It is also a place to stop by to take some Oregon (in wine form) back home!


Capitello Wines

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Capitello Wines is a family winery currently led by Ray Walsh. Here, you can get two completely different wines from two places from two hemispheres, as the winery boasts wines from Oregon and New Zealand.

They offer pinot noirs famous in Oregon and sauvignon blancs favored in New Zealand. As you can see, you can get the best of both worlds here.

However, before taking a bottle (or two) home, try their Oregon vs. New Zealand flight while you are there! To decide but for the experience too. To make the stop all the more worth it, if you will.


Civic Winery & Wines

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Civic is a winery that focuses on organic and biodynamic ways of growing grapes. With that, you can expect their wines to be better for nature and for you. They have a decent selection of wines, but it is their rosé we recommend you try. A sip of it, and you will likely already know what bottle to take home with you.

Their place is lovely. However, what sets their area apart from others is their terracotta amphoras. While you will only see casks in other wineries, they also have these big ole vessels.


Territorial Vineyards & Wine Company

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Territorial is an urban and estate winery. With that, customers can expect quality wines, and patrons can expect its consistency. They have a wide selection of estate-grown wines, but they also have some beer and cider for your non-wine drinking companions. There is a little bit of everything for everyone here.

To get the best out of your visit, check their calendar before going. To get the real deal experience, you might want to time your visit when The Porch Band is playing. Not only are they usual in the wine room, but also one of the crowd favorites.


Abbelone Vineyard & Winery

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Abbelone is a small winery you can find in the Southern Willamette Valley. They offer up to six varieties, including the crowd’s favorite pinot noir. Abbelone uses traditional Burgundian methods. With this, while many places offer pinot noir, theirs is a must-try.

Like most wineries, they also have some live music. However, they also sometimes have movie nights. With that and its location, Abbelone is a winery you want to consider if you want to have a relaxed night while sipping some wine.


Eugene Wine Cellars

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Eugene Wine Cellars is a winery focused on old-school practices. With that, it is a winery to go to if you want the complete sensory experience with every sip.

This winery does not require any reservation. Additionally, it is both kid-friendly (no kids are allowed to taste the wine, though!) and pet-friendly (of course, furry friends are not allowed the grape too). With all that, it is an ideal impulsive stop if you want to insert one more winery to the stop for the day.


J. Scott Cellars

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Scott Cellars is one of the most decorated wineries in the country. It might be one of the newest wineries on the list, but it has received recognition after recognition from magazines like Wine Enthusiasts and Wine Press Northwest.

They serve by bottle, glass, or flight. However, if you come and visit with at least a group of six people, we recommend you book a private wine tasting. Here, one of their crew will lead the tasting. The tasting will not only quench your thirst for wine but also your thirst for some wine knowledge.


Terra Pacem

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Terra Pacem claims they are a winery like no other in the country. We have to say that we agree. They are one of the most inclusive wineries you will ever see.

For one, have you ever seen a winery offering a Braille menu? Well, they do! Additionally, they support different causes, seemingly always trying to help wherever they can.

However, that is not all there is to them! They also have some wines we highly recommend you try. For one, you might want to try their rose of pinot noir for a pleasant twist to the Oregon favorite.


Sweet Cheeks Winery

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Sweet Cheeks is a winery that minimally processes its wines, ensuring you get the authentic flavors of the grapes. They have many wines to choose from, but their Syrah is the one you do not want to miss. On the other hand, if you are visiting for the flights, we recommend the Summer Flight.

This winery has some of the best staff in the country. However, it is their winery dogs, Charlie and Barley, you might want to look for when you visit. These good boys can make your experience better in exchange for some pets.


Silvan Ridge Winery

$$ | 541-345-1945 | WEBSITE

Silvan Ridge is one of the oldest wineries on the list, having opened its doors in 1979. (However, it was still named Hinman Vineyards then.)

The place has wine to offer for almost any occasion or season. However, it is their early muscat you do not want to miss.

You might want to join their wine club to get the best out of your visit. Also, you might want to come on a Friday between June and October. This way, you get a chance to talk to JP (their winemaker) and enjoy some live music.


Sarver Winery

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Sarver is a winery you want to consider if you are looking for a weekend getaway with some (or lots of) wine and grapes. It has a guesthouse that is ideal for any wine lover.

It does not only have full amenities, but it also allows you to leisurely taste their good wines, stroll the lovely vineyard, or just relax and admire the beautiful views while sipping some wine. Additionally, it is near neighboring wineries.


King Estate Winery

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King Estate is one of the biggest certified biodynamic wineries, not only in Oregon but in the whole of North America. It is a place committed to sustainability and respecting the Oregonian soil. Not everyone shares the same sentiments. However, if you do, you now know where to go!

The winery does not only offer wine but good food too. It is a place to go to if you are not only looking to tickle your taste buds but also to satisfy your stomach. Of course, you want to try their pinot noir, but don’t forget the pinot gris too!


Final Words

That concludes our winery tour for the day! Eugene, Oregon, is known for many things, but wines and wineries don’t often make it to the top of the list. However, as the 12 best wineries in Eugene, OR, have shown, it can be an ideal stop or vacation spot for wine lovers.

With that, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book your reservations, and get your palates ready now. Have a wine-filled, fun trip! Cheers!

Best Wineries in Eugene, OR

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