14 Best Wineries in Lodi, CA

Each person has their way of relaxing. Perhaps some would include movie breaks or a walk in the park, some would prefer exercising, and some would appreciate a perfect wine experience. If you are one of the latter, you should try out these 14 best wineries in Lodi, CA.

1. Jeremy Wine Company – Lodi

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The serenity of their tasting area is a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You will enjoy not only the beautiful place but also the lovely people. Staff members are exceptionally kind, so you’ll feel at ease immediately.

Unwind with a wine tasting; whether you would like a glass or bottle, they have plenty to choose from their extensive collection of handcrafted vintages.

Whatever your taste is, they are sure to have one you can try on their menu. Perhaps you like Rose wines or red wines, you can always ask for a recommendation, and they are always glad to help.


2. Oak Ridge Winery

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This winery prides itself in providing a tasting visit that’s the ideal combination of learning and having the freedom to explore on one’s own. The staff is always available to answer in case you have any inquiries.

They also provide stories relevant to the wines without being overwhelming or pushy. Additionally, the location is very simple to reach.

Oak Ridge Winery is relatively large, so it would readily satisfy your taste with its extensive wine collections. They also have these for you if you want to accompany your wine with meals or perhaps snacks.


3. Van Ruiten Family Winery

$$ | 209-334-5722 | WEBSITE

This place boasts a lovely atmosphere and a drinking area. They also have a huge patio out front on which you can opt to enjoy your wine. They provide excellent service and high-quality wine; what’s not to like?

Van Ruiten Family Winery also benefits from a location easily accessible from the highway. This lively winery has a beautiful ambiance and exudes positive energy throughout the space.

Since there is lots of room, it can accommodate larger crowds. They also have a large assortment, giving you a lot to explore and a variety of flavors to select from.


4. St. Amant Winery

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When visiting wineries, it is always a delight to meet wonderful people. A trip to the St. Amant Winery is always a pleasant experience. They have excellent wines at reasonable prices and extremely helpful and welcoming personnel.

This winery is set to become one of your favorites if you are the type to pair cigars and port wine together. Their products are just fantastic, genuine without any pretensions.

You might also get to meet the owner and have a conversation with her about wines, it’s a good learning experience, and she is well-versed in her products.


5. Twisted Barrel Winery

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Twisted Barrel Winery is a family-operated boutique winery offering you only high-quality wines. They specialize in both the rare varieties and the typical varieties, with a tasting area that is warm and very welcoming.

Packed with the best wines they have to offer, you can enjoy several exciting activities. In addition, pets are also allowed inside the establishment. Twisted Barrel is also kid-friendly, so the whole family can always enjoy their time there.

The service always ensures that you have a wonderful time. There is nothing pretentious about this place. Excellent wine at reasonable pricing; they got it all.


6. Estate Crush

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Starting with a friendly greeting, get ready to learn significant knowledge regarding wines if you are up for it.

The staff at Estate Crush are well-versed in the craft and have a lot of exciting stories to tell, and there is never a dull moment here. They also offer tours with incredible service if you want a tighter grasp on the production and preparation.

In addition, estate Crush provides a great collection of regional wines, including numerous silver, gold, and double gold winners. With years of industry expertise, they sure know how to run a winery.


7. Riaza Wines/Side Hustle Brew Co

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Riaza Wines is dedicated to providing its consumers with the highest quality hand-crafted beer and wine. The great atmosphere is an excellent match to the fantastic variety of wines they have available.

It’s very homey, and the place will exude a feeling of comfort from their visitors. If you are planning on inviting a larger crowd, like a get-together, you can also make reservations for parties and other special events here.

Because of their kind and knowledgeable staff, you will be able to make the most of your time there. At Riaza Wines, you can always count on having a good time.


8. Cabana Winery and RISK Wines

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Hidden away in a former industrial storage building, you’ll find the laid-back and welcoming atmosphere of Cabana Winery. Replicating a posh wine-tasting establishment in the city, this place is just delightful.

Wine is a wonderful way to begin the day and an even more excellent to round off a romantic evening. This hidden gem of a restaurant has a fantastic wine list that you can’t miss.

This place is ideal for people searching for intimate wine tasting and personalized service. Cabana is a place of learning and taste. You are also allowed to bring your dogs as it’s dog friendly.


9. Lodi Wine Visitor Center

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The Lodi Wine Visitor Center experience is an undoubtedly breathtaking discovery of exceptional wines. Their grapes are local to Lodi and are farmed in their vineyards.

The facility has a warm and welcoming vibe, and several quaint meeting areas are tucked away in the different nooks and crannies of their courtyard. There’s a particular section of the vineyard you can stroll around to educate yourself about wine.

This is an excellent place for people interested in the more complex aspects of the beverage. All in all, the location is well-designed and an enjoyable winery.


10. Dancing Fox Winery & Brewery

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Dancing Fox Winery & Brewery is a family-run and operated casual eatery open from breakfast through dinner. The restaurant offers American and European cuisine, a wine bar, and pastries for dessert or take-out.

This location is just fantastic and thoughtfully put together, with exceptional service and beautiful vibes; the servers are really nice. The wine is excellent and goes wonderfully with the dishes on their menu. The moment you step inside, you’ll immediately feel the energy of this place.


11. Cellardoor

$$ | 209-339-4394 | WEBSITE


Cellardoor is a beautiful location to unwind and try various wines. They serve Van Russian wines and those by Michael David. It has a lovely ambiance and is situated in the charming downtown area of Lodi.

With so many different options for shopping and dining, your time at Cellardoor is likely jam-packed with exciting new experiences and memorable moments.

In addition, all of their tasting rooms are located within a few blocks of one another, making it easy to strike up a discussion as you move from one location to the next.


12. Calivines Winery & Olive Mill

$$-$$$ | 209-210-3162 | WEBSITE

This establishment is known for its olive oils and, now, the quality of its wines with delicious food. The atmosphere and the services are both excellent. For wine tasting, guests are given the time to taste and appreciate the various sensations they encounter fully.

This allows them to explore each flavor in greater detail. They explain everything in great detail, allowing for maximum learning. Whether or not you are a first-timer, you’ll surely enjoy and have a satisfactory time.


13. Weibel Family Tasting Room

$$ | (209) 370-6013 | WEBSITE

The Weibel Family Tasting Room is a great winery with a great personality. Joining their wine club is excellent if you want to get involved in more events and activities. This place is perfect for you and your taste if you are a sparkling wine person.

They produce a selection of the finest champagne around, and they also offer bespoke bottling for events like anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings. Their office personnel are always amicable and welcoming; visiting and doing business with them is always a joy.


14. McKenzie Vineyards and Winery

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The McKenzie family is widely regarded as one of the finest winemakers. This winery is a must-see, both for the quality of its wines and the warm vibe they create for its guests.

They are very well-versed in wine, so you will have a great time getting to know these gems. If you are interested in wines, the detailed process behind them, random facts, and many more, this place is excellent for learning.



These 14 best wineries in Lodi, CA, will surely take you on a fun ride of flavors. Whether you like sparkling, red, white, or rose wines, there is a place for you to enjoy your favorite type.

Perhaps you want to enjoy some with your loved ones or learn about it with someone you share an interest with. You will have an excellent experience.

Best Wineries in Lodi

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