13 Best Wineries in Massachusetts (Photos, Reviews, Maps)

The Massachusetts wine industry is bustling. The state’s rich soils are ideal for nurturing a wide array of grapes. It includes Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Chardonnay. Drop by any of the 13 best wineries in Massachusetts if you’re visiting northern New England.

1. Cape Cod Winery

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This winery is a popular destination for local and tourist wine enthusiasts. One of the many reasons why people flock to this place is the impressive collection of wines.

The whimsical Rosé Mermaid Water is one of the bestsellers. Another must-try is the “frosé”. It’s an innovative and refreshing wine slushie that will cool you off during summer.

You can enjoy these drinks in their beautiful tasting area, where you’ll get a sweeping view of the lush vineyard. Some activities are paint-and-sips, listening to live music, and enjoying the local culinary fare.


2. Balderdash Cellars

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This boutique winery has been creating premium wines since 2011. It focuses on using grapes from California vineyards. The owners are proud of the family endeavor of producing world-class wines.

The wines in the cellar’s collection include Albarino, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc. You can pair them with their in-house charcuterie board. They also encourage BYOF, or “bring-your-own-food”, especially from the restaurants near the area.

This dog-friendly establishment is a delight for fur parents since they can bring their pets while they enjoy the delightful wine collection. The tasting room welcomes everyone and requires no reservations.


3. Nashoba Valley Winery

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This family-owned winery is one of the most well-loved wineries in northern New England. The story behind its conception is fascinating.

Aside from the traditional grapes, the owner wanted to use other fruits to create high-quality wines. He used the early Pilgrims’ recipe and technology to make the wines as authentic as possible.

The wine collection has grown to 30 wines that received several awards due to their innovative flavors and superb quality. The winery offers weekend tours and daily tastings. You can order from their in-house restaurant if you want to explore food pairing.


4. 1634 Meadery

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Scenic Ipswich is the location of this charming boutique winery. It uses local raw materials to craft meads- a gluten-free wine made from fermented honey, spices, and fruits. The winery offers dry, sweet, spicy, and fruity wines to match any palate.

It celebrates this ancient drink and welcomes wine lovers to its tasting rooms. It makes meads in small batches to maintain high quality and superior taste. A crowd favorite is called the Puritan Pride. Age in American oak, it exudes vanilla and earthy tones.


5. Agronomy Farm Vineyard

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What started as a honeymoon idea, this winery grew into a 1.85-acre property of lush grapevines. The husband-and-wife owners aimed to bring family and friends closer to nature through wines.

Fortunately, they were able to realize their dreams. One of its offerings is the Seyval wine. It’s a hybrid grape that thrives in cool climates. The winery also produces maple syrup, that’s popular for its excellent quality.

A wine-tasting experience comes with a fantastic view and an opportunity to commune with nature. Pet lovers can enjoy the scenic view with their furry friends.


6. Truro Vineyards

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This vineyard and winery were the first to perfect maritime grape growing techniques. It offers multi-awarded wines perfect for every discerning palate. The winery hosts vineyard tours, private tastings, and other special events.

During the summer, guests can enjoy various food trucks that offer the best wine pairings. You can drink and dine in the newly renovated 1830s farmhouse.

The outdoor seating area is also perfect if you want some sunshine and fresh air. This winery also has a distillery that crafts high-quality spirits. It’s truly an ideal place to get the perfect refreshing drink.


7. Plymouth Bay Winery

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This winery is another one of Cape Cod Bay’s breathtaking places. It’s a stone’s throw away from the iconic Plymouth Rock. The location makes it an ideal stopover after a day of sightseeing and winery hopping.

It uses locally-grown grapes to manufacture the best-tasting wines in the area. Aside from the traditional white wine, it also crafts a wide array of fruit wines.

You may add a plum, apple, cranberry, cherry, and blueberry wines to your wine-tasting wish list. The winery also makes decadent jams, jellies, oils, and balsamic vinegar. Indeed, it’s a one-stop shop that can satisfy your culinary wanderlust.


8. Mill River Winery

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This 100% women-owned business opened its doors in 2010. Its founder strives to provide guests a relaxing place to enjoy their drinks. The winery uses high-quality grapes sourced locally and internationally to craft premium wines.

The winery’s farmhouse tasting rooms and outdoor areas are ideal for wine-flight tasting sessions. You can order smaller bottles that go well with their herb dips and various kinds of cheese.

It also offers frozen Autumn Sangria made with its handcrafted Plum Island red, cinnamon, and apple cider. Wine club members can enjoy great discounts, free products, and invites to exclusive events.


9. Glendale Ridge Vineyard

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If you want to enjoy a peaceful time with nature, this vineyard is for you. Located within 5-acres of lush grapevines, it offers a glimpse of Seven Sisters and Mount Torn mountain ranges.

The winery uses local vineyard fruits and grapes to craft its world-class wines. You can order drinks in a glass or decide on a wine flight. The covered decks, porches, and open fields are all ideal locations for wine tasting or lovely picnics.

You may try the bestselling Rose. It exudes summer flavors dominated by strawberry and watermelon. Pair them with the charcuterie board for an unforgettable experience.


10. Boston Winery

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This winery sources its grapes from international vineyards. It utilizes artisanal winemaking techniques to produce award-winning drinks. In addition, its breathtaking venue belongs to the “Top 3 Standout Wedding Venues in Boston”.

The waterfront area makes for a gorgeous and memorable event. You can also partake in the “make-your-own wine sessions. It’s a hands-on experience that allows their wine club members to craft wines based on their palates.

Its guided wine tasting enables guests to appreciate Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir with the help of experts. You can also enjoy the monthly food and wine pairings with family and friends.


11. Hardwick Winery

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This quaint winery lies on a rural country road in Hardwick at the center of Massachusetts. Interestingly, the owners restored the original mansion, ensuring the maintenance of its historical significance.

The result of their painstaking endeavor is a winery full of charm and character. The winery is always busy crafting several award-winning wines, including Seyval and Vidal Blancs. The wines use local fruits to accentuate the grape’s rich flavors.

A well-loved variant is the Enfield Apricot. It’s a semi-sweet wine that mixes apricot and white grapes to bring out the crispiness and bright acidity of the drink. Enjoy this wine and other variants while listening to live music every weekend.


12. Broken Creek Vineyard and Winery

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This beautiful winery all began from the owner’s hobby of winemaking. After retirement, she began fulfilling her dream of having her winery. After several years of planting vines and developing the 40-acre farmland, her dream came true.

At present, the winery offers a wide array of wines. The grapes come from their vineyard and other plantations in California, Washington, South Africa, and Chile. Its red wines include Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and different wine blends.

On the other hand, the white wine menu has Albarino, Chardonnay, and Pinot Grigio. Dogs are allowed on the lawn so that owners can bring their cuddly pets.


13. Cameron’s Winery

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This charming boutique started capturing the hearts of wine lovers in 2012. It handcrafts small batches using seasonal fruits. The owners believe in honoring nature’s schedules and each fruit’s personality.

This endeavor resulted in the creation of wine families, including light and dark fruit, cider, tropical, and bubbly wines.

Guests are welcome for outdoor and indoor wine-tasting sessions. It also offers ingredients for you to create your charcuterie. The shop has various kinds of cheese, mustard, jams, and pretzels.



Northern New England is now at par with Napa Valley and Washington regarding wines. The 13 best wineries in Massachusetts are proof of the energetic wine community.

You will notice that every winery honors the harvests of the land and incorporates them in its wines. They showcase the region’s breathtaking views and the warm hospitality of its people.

Wineries in Massachusetts

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